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In our company we understand the importance of having an auto repair facility you can trust. Your safety (and that of your family) is often dependent on the good condition of vehicle. When you bring your car to Timotheos Autobody, we recognize the enormous trust you are placing in us-and everyone on our staff takes this very seriously.

Today, Timotheos Autobody is one of the fastest growing autobody and auto repair company noτ only in Larnaka area but in every place in our country. We continue to be at the forefront of the industry with our advanced computerized and diagnostic equipment but our primary target is to achieve excellence in quality.

Our staff constituted by a number of experienced technicians and the entire team of Timotheos Autobody considers our facility to be the finest auto repair business in every place in cyprus. Taking the feedback of a lot of sports car owners from all over the county we can tell to anyone that he can trust us to repair anything in his car body. We're finally ready to publicly acknowledge the fact that our hard work and dedication has made Timotheos Autobody a place that is truly something special



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